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Free Antivirus In India – Protection And Security Software

Free Antivirus in India, ITL Antivirus is one of the leading antivirus software in India and in the world. It is a one-stop solution for system protection against all threats including virus, malware, backdoor Trojans, and Ransomware. Protect your PC with ITL Antivirus that scans your system for infected files and cleans them effortlessly.

Increasing Need for Antivirus – (Get Free Antivirus In India)

We often spend hours using the internet exposes our system to the harmful virus. Ever increasing the number of cyber-attacks has highlighted and raised the seriousness of computer security.

The computer system is highly advanced and comes with a per installed firewall module, however it is not equipped to provide complete protection from malicious malware.

Free Antivirus In India

Not only has the number of malware increased, the importance of antivirus software’s has also skyrocketed at an unimaginable speed.

Fortunately, if you take all the required steps to keep your machine safe and secure and install a good security software module you will have nothing to worry about.

Any efficient antivirus module should provide perfect shield solution that scans, detects, disable and removes all online threats and nasty malware that can harm PC and other network-connected devices.

Our computer systems are full of private and confidential data including photos and videos which we do not wish to share with anyone.

Unfortunately, the new age malware is developed in a way that even small attack can hamper your computer and expose your data for the world to see.

All computer users need a comprehensive system protection and Antivirus programs play a critical role in ensuring system security. Do not just settle for any antivirus, choose ITL Antivirus and enjoy Best Protection with Best performance.

Download Virus Protection – ITL Free Antivirus in India

Enjoy extra protection with no charge at all. Download ITL, free Antivirus in India for windows to shop online without fear.  

It provides you with an extra layer of protection with features like two-way firewall, parental control, spam blocking and protection against phishing emails.

ITL offers complete protection utility that can detect, block and remove all system threats on your computer system. It provides a range of scans and you can also create your own customized scan by specifying and limiting the parameters of your search.

The software is considerably light and does not consume enough memory space. You can enjoy good processing speed as it doesn’t cause much lag and loss of computer resources.

Computer systems are highly vulnerable to several types of infections and any entrance of virus can make your PC slow and your personal information could also be shared with cybercriminals.

Advanced Scanning Features- Ultimate Protection with ITL

The software is designed in a way to provide complete protection from existing and incoming malware. It comes with advanced features like real-time protection and automatic updates from all global virus database ensuring the 360-degree protection of your system.

System scan for existing virus will flush away all possible possibilities of virus attack. Furthermore, the real-time protection feature shields your PC against all nasty malware and worms, it scans all the emails coming in your mailbox, attachments, and links contained in their body.

Total protection from Ransomware is also assured as it blocks dangerous web links and adds to ensure any contaminated files they hold don’t infect your PC.

A huge amount of data is also shared using portable devices and shared networks, complete scanning of such devices also adds to the protective shield.  Most importantly, it doesn’t allow cyber-criminals and hijackers to access confidential data for fraudulent activities.

Useful Features- Best system doctor

Opting any Antivirus module may result in a compromised system making you a victim of a virus and malicious malware. What you need is the best antivirus module which suits your needs and luckily the best running Antivirus programs, ITL comes free and offers all-around security.

Mentioned below are few of the prominent features.

  1. Fast Scanning- Layered protection given by ITL unquestionably filters all system threats by deep scanning for malicious malware and nasty system threats. It scans, detects, blocks and removes them to ensure safety. It saves the system from existing and latest threats by scanning all system files and folders, incoming emails, blocking web links downloads.
  2. Real-Time Protection- Ongoing protection form malware should be the integral feature of any antivirus program, and ITL is the best available option available for ongoing system security. Just like a backbone, it works silently in the background and searches all corners of your computer to get rid of malicious links and Trojans.
  3. Web Protection– Ongoing internet surfing has increased the need for web protection to an insane level. Complete browsing security is provided by ITL as it checks, flags and blocks all contaminated links fixes nasty URLs for protection from fraudulent websites and phishing email that intent to steal personal information. Enjoy surfing in full security with the best Antivirus for Windows, ITL Antivirus- Free Antivirus in India.
  4. Live Updates– Latest files are required to combat new virus and malware and timely software update keep it going. Quicker and regular updates check for system vulnerabilities and completely protects PC form internet safety risks and other malware attacks.
  5. Secure Online transaction and protection from phishing assaults– Online banking and shopping are growing at a very fast pace, ITL comes with virtual console components which provide layered protection to all your financial transaction done online. It also protects your login credentials and confidential information from falling prey to phishing sites.
  6. Parental Control and USB protection– the online world is full of destructive sites which should be kept away from the reach of children. The parental lock feature offers a secret key to limit access to such sites. Additionally, it also secures all portable devices to ensure complete protection of your computer and USB drives.

Undoubtedly, ITL Antivirus is the all in one security solution for your computer that combines through malware protection with multifold layers of system protection. Enhance PC health by downloading the free antivirus in India, top-ranked security system.

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